John Wubbenhorst is an eclectic world musician/composer who has gone deep into the traditional music from India while maintaining his roots in western classical and jazz. The result is a wide range of musical output. Starting out on the western flute John took up in depth musical studies in the music from India and extensive training on the bansuri (North Indian bamboo flute) with the great maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia. John completed 2 degrees in North Indian music from the Rotterdam Conservatorium. John has played with an assortment of musicians east and west including Paul Horn, Victor Wooten, Jack DeJohnette, Anindo Chatterjee, Ramesh Mishra,  Paul McCandless, Larry Coryell, Hariprasad Chaurasia and others. Besides being known as an instrumentalist, John is well known for his composing and his compositions are features on his many released recordings. As well as music, John has had a deep exposure to meditation, yoga and spiritual traditions that have had him playing music for many spiritual masters and at many ashrams.

“To me music is about communing with ecstatic states of consciousness and the drawing of attention to the deepest values of spirituality”